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Ailee fake nude

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I can only repeat what I already said there: Just a little piece of advice: And mind you,you can trust rumours? I don't believe its her and I'm not in denial. Stepmom favorite list. I'm not a huge Ailee Fan but I like her enough to know what is an isn't Ailee.

Falling Short of Expectations 0. Ailee fake nude. To me, putting out such a video, when she knows exactly that thousands of young girls are looking up to her, is just irresponsible and absolutely disgusting. He was wearing fishnets and all and my friend realised something was wrong. Ailee and Swings to Release a Duet Track http: Which for me is pretty rare. If something like that really did happen, why does it matter? The cockiness is what makes her a great singer??

Just cause there lighting is similar and they have similar face doesn't mean it's the same people. Dispatch also said this - ceecile - Expand. Therefore in her videos it just doesn't show.

Ailee, if you are reading this.

Ailee fake nude

I like her music as well. Sex on skype free. Color me I don't care. But what exactly is your reason for hating Ailee? But she is still willing to take him back. Ailee goes topless for GQ magazine: I don't think any real underwear brand would ask the possible models to send them nude photos, but it's possible that there really was someone who was just collecting nude pics of girls that way.

Wednesday, as Ailee's nude photo controversy sizzled on high, the singer flew home from Japan and was spotted flying into South Korea's Gimpo International Airport.

We found out that "broduction company" didn't really exist, their web site was fake and everything. If you say her voice is great then why did you talk trash about I will show you. For the time being, however, we will be keeping a vigilant eye on the situation and providing updates periodically. For another fact, you do not know her, who are you to judge that she made the decision to go with the concept of I will show you?

Same goes for Ailee. I have photos of singer Ailee. Clearly he wanted to be dumped anyway, he was just too chickenshit to say anything, so he just acted like a crappy boyfriend until she finally had a gutful of his cloying neediness and impotence.

You are a Jersey girl, there is nothing wrong with it, so why the hell do you have to act so fake on Korean TV? Also, I want Allkpop to stop claming that it was their duty to report the matter as a "news site". Please think about it carefully.

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All in all her life her rules? Honey do me a favor and keep it real! You are commenting using your WordPress. Lol I looked all this up right now. Naked bitches pictures. You people need to stop being so ignorant. Do you really know who is Ailee?

Selling pictures you personally received can get you into trouble. Who did you receive it from? Selling pictures you personally received could get you into trouble. However, Allkpop reports that YMC disregarded the matter.

That might or might not be true, and honestly speaking no one but her knows what happened? South Korea weehingthong Pingback: Acts to Watch from the Zandari Festa 0. Anyway sorry for this long paragraph thing, I also just wanted to express my thoughts and opinions. This is why I hate people like you. Shes 24 now, and they were probably taken sometime in the past 6 years. Rihanna nude photos. Posted November 28, 0. Ailee fake nude. Who do you think it will be? I went on her old Youtube channel to see the resemblance of her and that room.

I dislike her too, although I must admit she has a beautiful voice. I want to know if Dispatch is interested or not. Leave Your Thoughts Cancel reply Enter your comment here As well as the fan or heater in the background.

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Police report of Ailee requesting investigation into her nude photos four years Sun Nov 24, 8: He was wearing fishnets and all and my friend realised something was wrong. Were you classmates, schoolmates or something? Special Treatment or Special Circumstances? A scientifical research paper about the topic? Hm, yes, I suppose so. What I kind of feel from Korea is that respect is up most important, maybe Ailee is just trying to do what she thinks might be respectful, like listening to her company and being cooperative?

The important thing is that you are dealing with something dangerous. Gyoshido Mon Nov 11, 1: I used to have this depressed, weird and ugly girl image. A close friend of mine had a family friend who was her teacher and they all say the same thing- she was very mean and arrogant. Chris jansing naked. One of her video shows he singing and there is the exact same air conditioner in the back and the door is also the same. I recommend you going back to your sources first before posting up hate to an rising talented singer.

Notify me of new comments via email. I mean honestly BIG party girl? Dispatch also said this - porcupinegloves - Expand. No one gives a fuck how much or why you hate ailee, move on with your life instead of wasting your time posting up worthless shit about how much you hate somebody. No design on it. Lastly,she is a really talented lady!

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And as for Ailee? Tell Me Your W ar Fet ish: Who shes really is on tv is most likesly highly maintained borderline fake. For the time being, however, we will be keeping a vigilant eye on the situation and providing updates periodically. Glad to see all the idols unfollowing their asses and I hope the companies block them from their artist too Edited at Yes you read the caption right and no this is not a joke. Asian lesbian xnxx. Whereas the door in the Ailee predebut YT videos are sliding doors. Most of them say they were so surprised how her image in kpop was an innocent cute girl when in reality she is the opposite.

But in an unbiased singing competition between the two, Ailee would win hands down. Blacked com xxx No design on it. With that being said, her agency had yet to release a statement about the leaked photos, so we have to wait the official statement and since this is blowing up we should see one. Ailee fake nude. This is why I hate people like you. Might be a little late to the discussion, but I wanted to point some things out that particularly set me aback.

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Curvy women in lingerie tumblr Who shes really is on tv is most likesly highly maintained borderline fake. And rumors are rumors. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here
All ladies do it izle November 11, at 9: The doors are both different.
TSUNADE NUDE PORN The way Seohyun looking at Ailee!!! And Ailee sings these songs because she in fact is good at them, while it is also a challenge. During the video, Ailee is sleeping in bed when some pervert comes along and tries to take a look at her in her underwear.

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