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According to the friends, she stalked him, got into his online accounts, hung around his house, and even slashed his tires and threatened him.

As others have pointed out, however, this article is notable primarily because of the trial rather than the killing. The first one was time stamped on at hours.

Female high school quarterback throws TD on 1st pass in varsity game. Lesbian incest erotica. This edit request has been answered. Travis alexander naked. What do we expect of the Dr. No one can guarantee an attorney will take the matter.

Who took the picture? Both Zachary and Enrique stated they last saw Travis in the home approximately four to five days earlier and he was acting normally. I didn't pull my opinion out of thin air, i read what you wrote as your wiki online http: The day after the victim was found, on June 10th, specialized Crime Scene Detectives went to the house. Let's get some more input, before renaming the article, one way or the other or, perhaps, even a third suggested title.

Therefore I think we should use the primary sources trial testimonygiven that this is available. For those arguing in favor of inclusion purely due to significant coverage, I would like to point out this bullet point from WP: Capital punishment in the United States.

He wasn't religious, but I thought it was important that he at least hear that for himself," she said. Hentai evil board game. There were other incoming calls and text messages into the phone after that, but none were ever answered. Finding the truth is not what happened. I would also find "Trial of Jodi Arias" acceptable as most of the article is and will be talking about the trial.

No one should have accessed and examined those communications evidence except law enforcement and prosecutors. That is how important the Prosecutor viewed his testimony. I agree HuffPost may be ok for some purpioses, but remember it is an opinion site. The reason Jodi chose to rent a car was because her car used too much gasoline and she had limited funds. Shortly after that Lisa received the email anonymously sent that was strongly religious in tone.

The pictures have always bothered me for many reasons. Nurmi was not just incompetent and ineffective. I do not support the current title. He did not do that. Perhaps because the risk of the information ruining the house of cards against Jodi far outweighed the benefit of the information.

At every suggestion, he said it would not be possible. Supergirl sexy images. I fully support that. The role of the public defender is certainly not to get murderers freed or even keep guilty people off death row. The date and time stamp of photos taken at Travis funeral were off by six month.

Travis alexander naked

Kirk Nurmi views himself as somewhat of an expert at observation and psychological evaluation. And it is odd that no one in PrePaid Legal was questioned even though one of them had spent a week or so at Travis house in the room adjacent to Travis room; the one which Enrique Cortez rented right afterwards in the middle of May

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Nothing is asked or talked about specifically as it regards the charges against her, or anything about This Victim.

Successful, competent lawyers would not want to spend their careers answering questions all day long for people who bought an insurance policy that entitles a possible client to call all day every day during office hours. The defendant has absolutely no duty to authenticate the evidence purported to be against her. Kandy jo nude. His body would not be discovered for five days. If pictures had been taken with that camera there would be no date and time on any of them.

It appeared as thought e person was wearing a dark colored sock or shoe with striped sweat pants, which have a zipper on the back of the cuff.

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It doesn't read at all like an encyclopedia article but like a page from a sensational 'murder-as-entertainment' blog or tabloid newspaper. Thanks for fixing the infobox! It does seem very odd that the police did not contact the email provider to search for the person who wrote this email to Lisa.

This also proves that Jodi was the last person I can prove had contact with Travis prior to his death. This photo was out of focus as though the camera was moving at the time it was taken.

Other witnesses who have been called to the stand have noted her commitment to Mormonism, including Ryan Burns, a Mormon she began seeing after breaking up with Alexander.

There was a wall covered in blood, which had a single strand of hair on it. Travis alexander naked. Boobs, Anal Sex Dominate Day There is no record of what was discussed at that meeting, or what theories were expressed.

None of these people had seen Jodi in Mesa on any of those days. If the death penalty is relevant to this case it should be cited and included in the main text of the article. Incest best videos. From a recent interview I learned that L. Her testimony was fraught with memory lapses and statements that simply were disproved by physical evidence. Who took the picture? The lawyers who took the calls for the most part gave simple advice if they responded at all.

All of us approach situations differently. Historical or lasting importance seems to be the necessary criteria, and I don't see that being established here. In the mean-time I suggest that as per wikipedia policy, the controversial material should be removed immediately. Looking at the crime scene who was it that attacked whom? He should have suggested a better way.

It might take one letter … it might take ten. Arias said that religion played a major role in her and McCartney's relationship, which lasted nearly two years and involved living together in Oregon. Finding the truth is not what happened. Craigslist tampa m4m. I found a link a Headline News- http: There was no one who cared what happened to her.

We can all see something different. Whoever that was, Kirk Nurmi, a former attorney, or a psychologist, effectively put Jodi Arias in prison for life. The most important player in a trial is the Prosecutor. Prosecutor, Juan Martinez, without proof, using only insinuations and innuendos to back him up, accused Jodi Arias of writing this email in Court during her trial. Jodi Arias was wrongfully indicted for murder. He examines the receipts The State has confiscated during the exercise of their search warrant.

Your language betrays your lack of neutrality. Everything must be looked at and considered before a judgment is made; and a judgment cannot be made on just those things that support our thoughts. If she was not guilty and she did plead that way, the State of Arizona had the responsibility to give her investigators who would seriously work on her case. Yet, not one of these has probed into the actual facts in the case. Here at Trial By Picturesan accusation that the pictures were not what they were said to have been could not have been determined without doing in-depth serious checking into the pictures first.

I too have doubts about the validity of the article as a whole, due to the notability of the topic being limited exclusively to devotees of such literature.

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