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Wwe bra and panties match gone wrong

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Probably because they didn't try to attach a gimmick to it that let you know exactly what it'd look like before it happened. She walked right up to Trish and laughed, "What makes you think you're even in my league?

I'm sure the wrestlers know about her disgusting history.

Wwe bra and panties match gone wrong

Thank God the Diva's Division has evolved. Free black pussy cum. The problem is that there never were any damn speedo contests with men. Wwe bra and panties match gone wrong. At any time the moderators will use discretion on any given rule. View all NBA Sites. That's all there is to it. Her segments often popped bigger ratings than all but Austin and the Rock. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. You guys have got to stop falling for Russo's shit. Chinese girl big pussy. Backstage, Brooke stood outside the Diva locker room not really sure if she was going to be welcomed.

Women of Wrestling Celebrities. Unfortunately for Candice her guns were faulty, so the next best thing would be to belly to back suplex Torrie on a pile of water balloons. Is Russo from my home state? A text post should have sufficient text in its body to either strengthen the title, create discussion or add more information. Envisioning that millions of fans would be tuning in to catch a glimpse of two of TNA's hottest knockouts, Nash announced a Mud Match between the two friends.

Only happening one time, both Divas in the ring competed in thongs! Each Diva would start the contest by disrobing and modelling their cute new bikini. Hyping up the crowd by exposing a matching set of black undergarments, Trish quickly found herself thrown into the pool following a sneak attack by Keibler, clad equally as scantily in a matching pair of unmentionables. Talk about a fighting champion. He's had over a decade to prove he can draw a dime without Vince McMahon holding his leash, and he's failed every time.

Possibly, but the rest of the show had to keep them entertained as well. Eric Bischoff walked out onto the platform and said, "Before this match gets underway…I just wanted to come out and tell all of you fans that this match is still for the women's title.

Hehe thanks and just wait…Brooke might just end up with someone. Randy got up and pulled Brooke away from her. A fresh take on sports: For the most part this was a pretty basic match, if you consider a set of cat-o-nine tails to be basic. Xvideos behind the scenes. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. WWE may be attempting to add more sex appeal to their current storylines. This is what I find most interesting. It's not writers telling a girl "post this bikini pic of you", it's a girl thinking "damn I look good in this pic let me post it".

Other than a glimpse or two of "holiday cheer" from Wilson, there was very little in the way of entertainment in this match that both ladies probably regret agreeing to.

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Still trying to pry my face out of the cringing expression it's been locked into ever since Banks tried to cut some "memorable" promo. Anyway, love ya girly! You can argue that, but the fact that they're not 'using' the hot men in baby oil matches, strip-teases, or kissing contests to pop huge ratings for that demographic makes it irrelevant to Russo's tweet.

They wanted the Rock and Austin. Sexy girl midget. By the time Russo left WWE the first time the war was all but over. The funny thing is, he is trying to deflect the blame onto the women of his era. Those bra and panties matches may not be looked upon so favourably now, and they certainly weren't the one thing that won the war, but that stuff was a pretty big draw in that time.

That's what we want to see not the stupid divas matches we have today. Wwe bra and panties match gone wrong. So what if you beat Ric Flair…he's old and past his prime. My guess, and only a guess, is WWE has talked her up so long that they're damned and guaranteed to bring the attention to it if they erase her now.

Bra and Panties matches were a thing before Invasion Ivory, Lita etc, but for the most part the Bra and Panty era was wannabe wrestlers that were there for sex appeal Lol I would love to have Cornette shooting on Sable at some rinky dink spot before whatever tiny spot ROH is being held in. A couple of hair pulls, slaps and a number of crowd pleasing spanks to the derriere later, Trish would wind up happily having her hand raised in victory. Nude pictures of kelly osbourne. Even featured a couple times at WrestleMania, the Pillow Fight would surprisingly make its final appearance in the PG Era, but instead of the Divas wearing lingerie like in the past, the Divas wore pajamas instead.

Someone get The King a stiff drink and a cigarette. I was 10 in holy shit and back then I loved that kind of stuff. Trish was laying there not moving so Brooke ripped off Trish's shirt and threw it in her face. The bout was an evening gown match against Luna Vachon, and for the pre-internet teenager, this was the porn of the day. Make no mistake about it, these two beautiful women were important acquisitions, and were pillars of the WWE Diva division from to For it's time and for it's era and people remember.

And its killing you isn't… Trish. They just weren't very good wrestling matches. I really do thank you for all the reviews…I'm so happy you are enjoying the story! Personally, she'd be better off just not bringing up her name at all. Sasha and Charlotte are just as attractive as the men you mentioned, but are booked as professional wrestlers, not sex objects to pop a rating. CapsfanNick CapsfanNick 3 years ago 27 They def should bring it back, been waiting like 12 years!

Any decent businessperson will tell you that without missteps, there isn't progress. Nude massage nyc. If I wanted to see some tits, you could find that on the internet even in those fledgling days.

No image posts that are: In the first ever Bra and Panties Match, Lita would defend her title against her long time foe and friend.

Man, Jerry Lawler doing commentary over somebody trying to fuck you sounds like the most inhumane way to make somebody sterile. Totally different than a regular Evening Gown match, this one featured a pair of ladies who appeared on the cover and insides of the gentlemen's magazine, Playboy.

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Why Michelle would ever attack the official with a bucket of water is beyond explanation as is how the WWE managed to get this match on TV without censorship. She quickly grabbed her title away from Randy and shoved it into Trish's face. She turned and glared at him. Not necessarily as sex objects, but definitely in a "larger than life, 'Classical ideal'" way.

This is not me at all and I know this isn't an excuse but I got really busy. At Taboo Tuesdayfans voted to see Christy Hemme and Carmella go at it in a lingerie pillow fight.

I was the 11 year old girl watching those bra and panties matches thinking that women are incapable of being anything other than hot trash in wrestling because of the product they were putting out.

Water guns, water balloons, buckets of water, and yes, you guessed it, anything involving water was legal in this match!

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Pierced lesbian pussy For pure comic relief, this match is actually worth watching with the volume turned up. This is the match that started it all. Would you really call that a "stink face" though?
Anal milf xvideo On the other hand, they also reserve the right to remove any post they feel breaks the rules. And when it's put that way, you now realize how fucking stupid bikini contests are right? Why Michelle would ever attack the official with a bucket of water is beyond explanation as is how the WWE managed to get this match on TV without censorship.
NAKED PICS OF KAREN GILLAN It would be interesting to know what Torrie and Stacy were thinking when they woke up on Christmas Eve morning knowing that they would be parading around in skimpy little Santa's Helpers costumes and then splashing and thrashing in a giant pool filled with Egg Nog.

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